With the rise of smart phones such as iOS and Android based phones, users are browsing the internet on their phone. Whilst we put every effort into making your website compatible with smart phones, the site is maily built for desktops.

As an extension of your main website, we can design a mobile website for you. This website would be very lightweight with little to no fancy graphics but it would give people what they are after; information about your company.

When a user enters your website our code will quickly calculate whether they are on a mobile device or not and if they are they will be re-directed to the mobile version of your website. This happens in an instant and the mobile version of your website would load up in a flash.

Fear not, your graphically impressive website will not go to waste; only mobile users will be re-directed and if they want to view the full site we will make it very easy for them by placing a link to take them to the main website

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