Once the design proof is complete and finalized, the layouts are sliced up and the page coding will begin.

Maveric Designs will re-create the look of the mock-up using standards–compliant XHTML in conjunction with CSS Stylesheets.

This is the point where we need to make sure that your design looks right in all web browsers (Internet Explorer being the most difficult, thanks Microsoft).

Of course, since 75% of the known world uses IE to surf the web, we can’t just ignore that.

Needless to say our designers will work around the clock to make sure the design looks great regardless of platform and browser.

Things may work a little differently in this section if you have opted for a full flash site, custom designed blog or content management system.

We will start coding the actionscript and animations for your flash pages, begin building the PHP includes for your blog or begin coding your CMS.

Next Step – Content Editing